Welcome to the JUnconference Alliance!

The Java unconference movement is growing! Unconferences based on Open Space Technology are increasingly popular, because people really enjoy these self-organising meetings, which mix together technical, social, recreational and cultural discussions to produce super-effective ways of building technical community. But so far, there’s been no way to find out what Java unconferences are happening, and when. This web site aims to change that, and to provide a way of applying to the Java unconferences that you might be interested in attending.

Some unconferences in the alliance have definite dates scheduled for 2023 or 2024. They are (in date order):

  • JSail, Netherlands (German language), 30th May-2nd June
  • JOnsen, Japan, 1st June-3rd June
  • JCrete, Crete, 3rd-7th July
  • JIbiza, Ibiza, 10th-12th July
  • jOpenSpace, Czechia (Czech language), 6th-8th October
  • JChateau, Loire Valley, France, 13th-16th March 2024
  • JAlba, Edinburgh, Scotland, 16th-18th May 2024

You can apply to any of these unconferences individually. Or, you can use this web site to apply to several of them at once.

Others in the alliance still have their dates to be confirmed:

  • JManc, Manchester, England, late June, date tbc
  • JWild, South Africa, September/October 2023 , date tbc
  • JSpirit, Germany, 2024, date tbc

You can also name these on the application form. If you do, the organisers will add you to their mailing list, so that they can keep you informed as their arrangements firm up.

A couple of things to note before you fill this form in:

  • All unconferences have limited capacity, and we know from experience that the people who make them successful are those who come ready to both contribute and to learn. Please keep this in mind when you’re completing the form!
  • The more events you apply to, the better your chance of being accepted;
  • By listing an unconference on this form, you are giving permission for your information on the application form to be shared with the organisers of that unconference.

Good luck with your application! We look forward to meeting you in 2023!